Terry Plante, LAc, RPh

Healing Roots Acupuncture
124 Watertown St.#2a
Watertown, MA

Terry began her professional career as a pharmacist, but was inspired to become an acupuncturist after her own chronic health conditions were successfully treated through acupuncture and integrative modalities.

As a young adult Terry experienced severe respiratory and stomach problems, which her doctors diagnosed as allergies and asthma. Allergy shots, medication and inhalers did little to mitigate her symptoms or address the cause. Eventually she began seeing an acupuncturist who specialized in NAET. The treatments did improve her allergy symptoms, but the asthma persisted. “NAET, as good as it was, wasn’t getting to the root condition.” While at her practitioner’s office she saw a brochure on NET and was very interested in the technique and its possibilities. Having recently completed her licensure as an acupuncturist, she then began her training and certification in NET.

The incorporation of NET into her practice has had a tremendous effect. She uses NET when treating all her patients. NET combined with acupuncture has led to significant improvements in their physical health and emotional wellbeing. NET has enabled them to become more in tune with their mind and body, and for many, offers a sense of empowerment.

Terry describes one patient who was experiencing a lot of stress due to a divorce and sought help for severe migraines. The patient’s physician had put her on a very strong prescription, yet the migraines persisted. After two months of receiving acupuncture and NET treatments the migraines ceased. Although the patient continues to deal with much stress and from time to time experiences mild headaches, they are much less severe and easily managed with maintenance treatments.

Through her experience as a pharmacist Terry is well aware that within the world of western medicine; “Anything and everything that is accepted is backed by research.” Thus, it’s imperative for NET and integrative modalities also have the backing of research in order to compete and to be considered a viable option. “We need to be able to scientifically prove that our modalities are effective. The research provides us with a language to communicate what we do with those involved with western medicine”

When it comes to philanthropy, Terry wanted to donate to something she really believed in. “Of course I could donate to walks or marathons supporting some health issue, but by donating to ONE I am supporting something that I’m truly passionate about. This is a technique that I believe in, that has helped me, and if it takes scientific research to validate it in the eyes of the world, then I want to further those efforts.” In doing so, “I can help people advance to another level (physically and mentally) through a means that is truly natural.”