Peter O'Dwyer, B.Sc, Master of Chiropractic

Newtown Family Chiropractic
2-4 King Street, Newtown
NSW 2042 Australia
02 9519 9411

Chiropractic work became Dr. O’Dwyer’s calling after seeing what vertebra adjustments did for his parents.  His father went from being immobile to working on the farm after six weeks.  His mother was relieved of life-long blinding headaches and no longer required the glasses she’d been wearing for 23 years.  While at chiropractic graduate school, Dr. O’Dwyer received a NET seminar flyer, which promptly landed in the wastebasket as rubbish.  “I’ll never do that,” he thought.  However in 1995, after using a BioPsychoSocial technique on a non-thriving seven-week old baby, and discovering within three days of treatment that the infant was healthy, Dr. O’Dwyer was motivated to attend his first NET seminar.  NET has since become his passion. Although he lives in Australia, he comes to the United States for continued training in NET and for Home Run Practice seminars on business structure.  Dr. O’Dwyer contributes to ONE because he views research as the product for higher good. From his teachers, Drs. Scott and Debi Walker, he has seen that NET and ONE are not about the money, but the means to effectively get the technique out to the world.