When the Practitioner Becomes the Patient by James Buckley, D.C.

Dr. James Buckley has been a supporter of the ONE Research Foundation for years, but in his words: Little did I know that I would become a direct beneficiary of the Foundation’s research. In April 2014 I was diagnosed with stage II non-Hodgkin’s B cell lymphoma. Having to face a life threatening illness was very scary. Though I have been a seasoned practitioner for many years, a diagnosis like this brings up NECs that may not come up in everyday life. I was told in the conventional circles that there is no cure for this disease, only remission. A statement such as this could be devastating to someone who knows nothing of NET and natural healthcare.

It happened that the ONE Foundation was doing a cancer research study for which I was eligible to participate. Participating in the study felt like a helpful way to give back, but little did I realize how much I would receive in the process.

Throughout my participation the focus was on me, the whole and feeling person, rather than on the tumor or the treatment. The profound revelations I came to during that treatment helped me to see some fundamental ways I had been tripping myself up for years. I left feeling much more in healing mode than in disease mode for the first time since the diagnosis.

The ONE Foundation and its research are at the heart of healthcare innovation, helping to define what needs to change in order to improve healthcare. Everyone knows someone who can benefit from this work. Many thousands of lives urgently depend on our action. I was not tuned into the urgency myself until faced with my own life or death situation. It warms my heart to be in league with such loving and caring people who have dedicated their lives to the healing of humanity, and I am privileged to be a direct recipient. Love is really the only thing that creates healing and we are involved in one of the best love delivery systems I know of.

I believe that a cure for me is possible, if the causes of the disease are identified and dealt with. NET and the ONE Foundation are all about dealing with causes.

Please take action to support the Foundation and its work. Donate as much as you can however small or large. Send patients to be subjects of research. Tell people about NET and the ONE Foundation. Tell people who are looking for ways to make a positive difference in the world, about the opportunities to support ONE’s groundbreaking research.