Update on Groundbreaking Research Study

In order to protect the integrity of ONE’s current research study, we are unable to share detailed information prior to the study’s publication. However, we realize those who have supported this research are interested in its progress.

Preliminary results are favorable. Individual patients who have undergone the NET program show a dramatic change in the response of their amygdala to the traumatic stimulus. In addition to fMRI brain scans, we have been collecting blood samples on each of the participants to be sent to Herbert Benson, MD for gene expression (genomic) testing. This testing will ascertain the effects, if any, the NET intervention will have on how genes express themselves. This is truly ground breaking science with both the fMRI and genomic testing on subjects as part of our research project. Ultimately, this helps us understand how the NET program has a long-term impact on the brain and basic functioning of our body.

Overall, the results from this study will be the first ever to fully assess the physiological and neurophysiological effects of the NET program. We hope to provide the most detailed understanding of how the NET program alters, and normalizes, the brain as it helps to reduce a patient’s response to distressing events leading to a better overall psychological status. This data will also help to show how the NET program contributes not only to psychological health, but to overall bodily well-being.