Practice Tip For Mental Health Practitioners New to NET by Mark Fohs, L.M.H.C.

If you are a mental health practitioner who is new to NET, Marc Fohs, L.M.H.C., and ONE Board of Directors Vice President offers a few strategies to consider:

Start doing NET the first day; its fine to use your manual.
Introduce it to patients who might appreciate a powerful tool and your thinking of them specifically for this cutting edge advantage.
Show your excitement, it will be infectious; your patients will feel it.
Emphasize the fact that you are a team together finding the solutions that will work for them, and reemphasize that this is a tremendously empowering modality.
If it feels more comfortable, start with a specific presenting issue. When I began working with the technique as Director of Counseling at the New York Chiropractic College, I started with test anxiety, moved to general anxiety, then to effective learning and pretty much everywhere else from there.
Get a NET buddy as much for the common cultural support as for practicing NET and getting the work.
Consider hiring a supervisor who is NET Certified.
Get back to another NET Basic within 6 months.