Patient Reports, Lifelong Cat Allergy Disappears after NET

Although ONE’s primary focus is scientific research, occasionally we receive accounts from practitioners and/or patients detailing the effectiveness of NET, and reminding us once again why we support ONE. Here a patient of Dr. Lawrence Bakur describes how her lifelong allergy to cats was eliminated through NET. 

“I am very pleased inform you that my terrible, annoying, frustrating, lifelong allergy to cat hair has disappeared from my life thanks to the only NET session performed on me about a year ago. (And I have tested it twice.)

About two weeks ago, I got together with a few friends. Our hostess has a very furry cat; therefore her entire house is full of its hair.

I got very nervous when I entered her house and saw her huge furry cat standing on one of the dinner table’s chairs. I tried to control my nervousness and decided to test whether the NET you performed on me that one time worked or not.

The ladies and I ate, drank a glass of wine, talked, joked, laughed, and enjoyed ourselves during five continuous hours at the dinner table. Then I realized the cat had been happily sleeping on the chair right next to me the whole time and I didn’t even sneezed once!

Today, I spent the whole day coming and going to different shops while riding in this friend’s car which is full of her cat’s hair and I am just fine. Completely perfect!!!

I have no words to thank you for what you have done for me, Dr. Bakur.

The lifelong allergy to cat hair pretty much handicapped me since I can remember. Always severely sick and ill for days after visiting a friend who had a cat, or even when I only spent five minutes in a place where “once upon a time there was a cat”!!! Imagine my frustration. The cat could be gone for two years, but if there was any remaining hair somewhere, my body responded aggressively towards it with a severe allergic reaction.

You got it right when you asked my body what could possibly be so terrible for a four-year-old to create such severe allergic reaction: my mother married my step father when I was four years old and this man abused me from 6 years old until I was 14, when I finally decided to run away from home since my mother never protected me.

The amazing technique that you used on me allowed my body to finally clear out that stagnant energy that was causing me so much pain and suffering socially and in my health.

Thank you again, Dr. Bakur!”