One Serves As Rallying Point for Those on the Cutting-Edge of Healthcare

For the last 20 years The ONE Research Foundation has served as a rallying point for those of us on the cutting edge of healthcare. 

[dr_allen] To quote the founder of NET and ONE, Dr. Scott Walker, “Considering today’s political environment, the implications of the Affordable Care Act, Social Security parameters, insurance companies, and third-party payments systems, NET and other cutting-edge techniques are very vulnerable to exclusion. I believe our fellow practitioners understand that. Many support ONE not only because of NET, but because ONE represents those of us interested in preserving cutting-edge healthcare technologies.”

On a personal note, I support ONE because I love research and recognize the important role it plays in advancing natural healthcare. Chiropractic is actually a second career for me. My first career was in medical technology and throughout my undergraduate and post-graduate studies, the importance of research was drilled into me. Research is the “currency” of healthcare and is critical to the validation of our techniques and methodologies. 

I was recently reminded of the significance of ONE’s work when some colleagues asked if anyone knew of scientific studies on the manual muscle response test. I was proud to respond that indeed ONE has funded and published four peer-reviewed scientific studies on the muscle response test alone!  

Over the last 20 years ONE has published more than 25 scientific studies in peer-reviewed journals and this is just the beginning! We are now looking forward to the completion and publication of our most significant research study to date and have begun to formulate our next study. As we plan for the future, we are exploring opportunities to advance NET and natural healthcare with more groundbreaking research and innovative initiatives.

As always, we welcome and value your input and are grateful for your continued support. On behalf of all of us at ONE, I wish you health, happiness and prosperity in the New Year.

Allen Knecht, DC QN
President of ONE Research Foundation