ONE Research Foundation-Together We Take Natural Healing to a New Level

ONE Research Foundation
Together We Take Natural Healing to a New Level

Neuro Emotional Technique (NET) — a noninvasive, natural way of clearing stress, negative emotions and energy blocks in the body that are often the root cause of pain, disease and dysfunction — was developed more than 30 years ago by Scott Walker, D.C. 

The ONE Research Foundation (ONE), a 501c3 nonprofit, was established in 1993 with the dual mission of funding scientific research on the effectiveness of this simple, painless mind/body tool and to spread the word about NET to the millions of people, who could benefit from it. 

“NET is a methodology utilizing indicator muscle testing to determine the subconscious ways in which a person is stuck in repetitive patterns and blocked from getting what he or she wants,” explains Mark Fohs, licensed mental health counselor in Syracuse, New York, and vice president of the board of ONE. He works most often with patients with anxiety, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and phobias as well as with people seeking to optimize their lives. 

“NET helps us eliminate self-sabotage. For example, if I were to experience horrific things or even if I were to witness them at close range, I would unconsciously start to identify things associated with the situation as a means to protect myself, so that I can try to avoid this kind of event in the future. However, whenever a situation that is identified as similar comes up in our lives, our subconscious reacts, and the same response is generated that happened during the initial event. This response also includes symptoms, which act as an alarm signal. The intensity of the experience makes it difficult to resolve the issue as we are still stuck in that original reaction, and rather than being able to listen to that alarm and resolving the problem, we come to view that alarm as the enemy and try to vanquish it with pharmaceuticals, alcohol, addictions, and other avoidant tactics.”

NET, through muscle testing, makes use of that response as a doorway to identify the original event when the person’s emotional circuit was blown. “We all have triggering events, and most of the time our bodies correct themselves and adapt,” says Fohs. “A problem occurs when our system is overwhelmed. When we encounter an experience in our lives, we pull up a file of how to deal with that circumstance. In a negative situation, it’s like a “virus” is attached to the file that gets opened in our minds. Your system crashes like it did originally. NET allows us to hit the reset button and eliminate the virus.”

More than 25 peer-reviewed scientific research studies funded by ONE have been published in medical literature that prove the astounding benefits of NET – alleviating killer stress and releasing negative emotions as well as relieving the accompanying physical and psychological symptoms– among a wide range of patients. Research studies are ongoing with results from the latest one — in conjunction with Thomas Jefferson Medical University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania — slated for release in early 2016.

“The research looks phenomenal,” says Dr. Shireen Hodgetts, an Adelaide, Australia, chiropractor and ONE board member, who has been certified in NET since 2000. “NET is the missing link in healthcare. I am very excited about the preliminary data that is coming through showing brain changes on fMRI scans, and to me, it suggests the possibility that in the future we may be able to track how our thoughts and emotions can influence both telomere length and our DNA strands.NET gives us an awareness of our inner doctor and allows us to tap into our bodies’ innate healing powers. NET is so simple and easy, and yet it powerfully changes lives.”

Moving into the next quarter century, the Foundation will continue to fund these important scientific studies while concentrating our efforts on bringing NET to the world to alleviate human suffering. Licensed health care practitioners from numerous fields – chiropractors, mental health care specialists, medical professionals, acupuncturists, and dentists– in 30 countries have been certified to use NET, which uses applied kinesiology’s muscle testing to identify whether an emotional component is linked to a person’s physical or psychological problems. NET practitioners address chronic pain, organ and hormone dysfunctions, allergies, neurological, musculoskeletal and immunological conditions, and much more.

“You don’t get complete healing unless you are addressing the emotional component,” says Frank Segreto, D.C., based in Toms River, New Jersey, and also a board member.

NET practitioners are using the tool to deal with traumatic situations in their own communities, and ONE is starting to connect with other nonprofits that serve traumatized people, who could benefit from NET. For example, when Super Storm Sandy wreaked a wide path of destruction from New Jersey to Massachusetts, as soon as Dr. Segreto opened his office on a generator and sent out a message to his patients, his office quickly filled that same day with people anxious to deal with the trauma. 

Dr. Hodgetts finds that apart from a large percentage of her clients not being able to manage day-to-day stress, many suffer from the emotional affects of domestic violence or some other type of abuse. Carl Amodio, D.C., DIBAK, in Roswell, Georgia, has treated homeless and former foster care teens and young adults using NET. The U.S. Marine Corps veteran is now registered to provide complimentary treatment to his fellow military veterans via a program with the nonprofit Soldier On that shows NET’s astonishing rate of success in treating post-traumatic stress disorder.

“Sometimes we are unable to resolve stress in our lives. We have a feeling that something isn’t quite right, and we are aware of the stress response in our bodies, but we don’t know how to fix it,” says Dr. Hodgetts, whose practice is primarily made up of women ages 30-50. “This mind/body technique allows us to tap into the subconscious mind and quickly resolve whatever is troubling us.”

Recently Dr. Segreto — who became even more passionate about NET after successfully using it to treat his then fifth-grade son’s anxiety attacks over homework – employed NET to treat a young soldier, who had lost his leg in Afghanistan. Dr. Segreto had coached the Marine on his high school hockey team. “I told him that I knew something we could do that would help him deal with what had happened to him,” says Dr. Segreto, “and it did.”

NET doesn’t take the place of talk therapy, but gives another avenue to deal with emotional trauma. “We’ve all come to understand that stress can cause a heart attack, or make a child throw up,” says Dr. Segreto. “NET makes a real change in the way the body is processing stress. It holds the key for helping the suffering of mankind where many other treatments have failed. This targeted, rapid technique is an important part of the growing alternative healthcare movement. We just need to get it out to more people and solidify our place in healthcare.” 

ONE’s work is supported solely by donations and membership contributions.