ONE funding new research study on manual muscle testing & therapy localization as used in A.K.

The ONE Research Foundation is funding a new research study: Reliability and Validity of Therapy Localization in Applied Kinesiology II:  Conformation and Generalizability of Outcomes.  The study will confirm validity of manual muscle testing and therapy localization with the use of instrumentation. The muscles to be tested in 50 patients will be the middle deltoid and the hamstrings. The study will utilize four objective measurements with instrumentation: (a) electrogoniometry, determining the degree of movement; (b) electromyography, measuring electrical activity within the muscle;, (c) vibromyography, measuring muscle vibration; and (d) the force applied by the clinicians during the tests. The Co-Principal Investigators are Anthony L. Rosner, Ph.D., LL.D.[Hon.], LLC and Gerry Leisman, M.D., Ph.D.