In the year of ONE’s 20th anniversary we are honored that Dr. Andrew Specht, one of our 1st presidents, shared a little time with us to reflect on the work and mission of the Foundation. 

Dr. Specht attended the 1st NET seminar taught by Dr. Scott Walker in 1988. He thought it was well taught and was immediately able to use the technique in his practice. Early on in his NET training, he would sit in the front row and study Dr. Walker when he was doing a demonstration, paying close attention to the nuances of his presentation. Over the years Dr. Specht has attended many NET seminars and has presented papers at NET Eagles based on observations acquired after years of practicing the technique (e.g. on common errors in muscle testing during the NET procedure and on how to find ‘more emotions’ off the original NEC.)

In 1993 Dr. Specht was invited to join ONE’s 1st board of directors and was elected president in 1994. Getting NET into the professional schools has always been one of his priorities. He believed then, as he still does now, that we need to get to the students early on. He feels it is important to reach them while they are still students – while they have the time and “have not yet been brainwashed over to other systems where they might then reject things related to muscle testing, or not yet successful enough in their practice to take the NET seminars.” Currently there are “little islands around, where people are very lucky if they are able to stumble into a place that does this type of work” but once we are able to have NET taught in the schools then the availability of the technique increases exponentially.

There was a time in the Foundation’s history where Dr. Specht felt the focus was off track – when ONE was engaging in activities that were more humanitarian in nature. He always felt research must be the priority and focus of ONE’s mission. But when Dr. Peter Bablis and Dr. Henry Pollard came on board and began publishing a great deal of research, he felt the Foundation was back on track

Today he couldn’t be more pleased with the direction ONE is going and is very impressed with the current research conducted by Dr. Dan Monti and Dr. Andrew Newberg. He finds the new study to be very powerful and something those practicing in a variety of modalities can embrace. “Put the neuroscience research together with the research published on muscle testing, coupled with the work that has been more results oriented (e.g. on low back pain) and I believe we have a very powerful case for NET to be taught in the schools.” 

Dr. Specht is not hesitant to share with his patients ONE’s work. In fact it was Dr. Specht who introduced Michael Slater to ONE. Michael has since become a major donor to the Foundation and has joined the board.

Michael was referred to Dr. Specht by his physician. Michael had multiple health issues and “was miserable.” As a successful professional with financial means he had the top doctors working on him, but he was not getting better. As Dr. Specht describes, “They had already thrown at him everything medicine had to offer and it was making him worse.” Once he began to be treated by Dr. Specht he immediately began to feel better. Michael has since become a big advocate of natural health care.

Michael is passionate about NET, as well as muscle testing and kinesiology. So much so, he was contemplating starting a foundation to support this type of work. Dr. Specht responded, “That’s great, but you can leverage some of your money by working with the ONE Foundation because we are already doing research in these areas. No need to reinvent the wheel. The wheel is already there and you can help roll it.”

The ONE Research Foundation is grateful to Dr. Specht for the leadership and support he has provided. His efforts exemplify Our NET Effect.