On Sept. 27th, in Carlsbad CA at the celebration of NET’s 25th and ONE’s 20th anniversaries, Daniel Monti, M.D. and Andrew Newberg, M.D., of Thomas Jefferson Medical University, revealed the future of ONE Foundation’s research initiative on NET before a packed crowd of practitioners and guests.

The experience of being in the audience that evening, seeing the images and observing the expertise of the research team, is something many won’t forget. At the end of their presentation, Drs. Monti and Newberg received a standing ovation.

Dr. Monti presented the nature and structure of the research project, which is a clinical trial of NET, and spoke about the methodology and the staffing of the study. Dr. Monti then introduced Dr. Newberg, a world famous author, presenter and researcher on functional magnetic resonance (fMRI) who is administering the fMRI scans in the study. Dr. Newberg held the audience in rapt attention as he presented PowerPoint images of the study results. 

That evening the ONE Research Foundation raised in excess of $150,000 in pledges. While this might seem to be a significant amount of money, the total cost of this research will exceed $600,000, of which the Foundation, through the generosity of practitioners and grateful patients, has been able to gather approximately $400,000. To be able to complete this study and publish the journal articles that this landmark research will generate, we need to raise an additional $200,000. If you would like to be part of this transformative effort that will pave the future for NET, you can donate via our secure website at: http://www.onefoundation.org/about/donate/

ONE hopes to be able to publicly share more detailed information regarding the study in the near future. “Stay Tuned!”