Dr. Scott Walker on The Triad of Health

“The determining causes of Disease are Traumatism, Poison, & Autosuggestion.” D.D. Palmer

The ONE Research Foundation has been focusing on healing methods that embrace the BioPsychoSocial (BPS) Model. One simple expression of the BPS health paradigm is the “Triad of Health.” The “triad” is illustrated by an equilateral triangle listing the three major causes of health problems: structural, chemical, and emotional. 

This model provides an easy to understand, common sense approach to health. All health problems, whether on a functional (compromised physiology) or pathological (actual tissue change) level, are involved with one or more parts of this triad. Additionally each part of the triad can have an influence on the other component parts.

The ONE Research Foundation supports research addressing methods and techniques that are informed by the Triad of Health. The resulting research will inform both practitioners and patients, and facilitate more effective evaluations and treatments.