Bonus Benefits of ONE Research

Periodically we receive reports from our practitioners and supporters regarding the benefits of ONE’s research; below are a few we’d like to share. 

A practitioner member recalls that she delivered a public healthcare talk during which a member of the audience, a neuroscientist, asked if there was research supporting the facts presented in the speech. Our doctor replied, “Absolutely, and here they are!” The inquisitive neuroscientist became a patient. YAHOO!!

A professor at a well, known chiropractic college relates that an elective Neuro Emotional Technique course was added to the curriculum after the board was presented copies of ONE Foundation research studies. OUR NET EFFECT!!

Another practitioner reports, that during a recent audit, the IRS agent was questioning the deduction for ONE Foundation contributions but was favorably impressed when presented with the body of research abstracts. The practitioner actually got a favorably result from the audit and a refund. WOW!!

ONE Newsletter readers are aware of the current research project being conducted by Dr. Daniel Monti, et al, at Thomas Jefferson University in which the effects of Neuro Emotional Technique on brain activity, blood immune markers and genomic expression are being tracked. The excitement in the mind/body healthcare community over the possible results of this program is enormous. It could mean breakthroughs in public information and acceptance, scientifically, validating the amazing successes natural healthcare practitioners and patients have experienced for decades. Your contributions to and support of the ONE Foundation make all this possible, as have the many other completed research studies. 

“Who knows how far reaching are the things we think, say and do today and how they may affect the lives of millions tomorrow. It is better to light one candle than to curse the darkness,” B.J. Palmer.