What is NET?

Until recently people thought the mind and body were separate and that emotions were a product of the brain only. However, neuroscience has shown that other parts of the body can hold or generate emotional charges as well. If you’re in a weakened state due to factors such as stress, illness, toxicity or physical trauma, everyday emotional responses may not fully resolve, as they naturally would.

NET is safe and effective, and is a natural way to resolve long-standing health problems by resolving the emotional components that accompany or cause physical symptoms. Emotions and physical body dynamics are actually a two way street. NET practitioners through a scientifically validated system can now find unresolved, negatively charged emotional responses that are stored in your body and help you to efficiently release them. Therefore in scope, NET practitioners are nearly unlimited in their ability to address a wide variety of physical and behavioral stress-related conditions. This is reflected in ONE Foundation's list of successful scientifically validated interventions.

Because of the significant number of mind-body interconnections, NET has been reported by practitioners to successfully treat:

  • headaches
  • body aches
  • chronic pain
  • digestive issues
  • phobias
  • general anxiety
  • organ dysfunction
  • self-sabotaging behaviors
  • and other conditions