Michael J. Kudlas, D.C.

Kalamazoo Community Chiropractic
4250 S. Westnedge Avenue
Kalamazoo, MI 49008
www.kcchealth.net and realresultsprogram.com

In addition to his chiropractic degree, Dr. Kudlas is a judo black belt, enjoys making custom knives and has master’s degrees in education, applied psychology, and theology. During his 28 years in chiropractic, Dr. Kudlas has made more than 33 clinical research presentations at international conferences. Dr. Kudlas donates to The ONE Research Foundation because, “In order for us to live in a healthier world, NET needs to survive.”

Dr. Kudlas and his staff at Kalamazoo Community Chiropractic credit their success to the principles they learned at Home Run Practice, “an outstanding program.” Their patients have been with them for years because of the clinic’s approach of working with patients to maximize their health, rather than just treat a disease. “Pain relief is relatively easy – maximizing health potential is more challenging,” he says.

Dr. Kudlas is the creator of the Real Results Program, a rapid weight-loss program that incorporates NET. His patients who embark on the programs typically lose between one-half to one pound each day over the 48-day initial phase. For example, one patient was referred by his cardiologist because of a congestive heart condition, on this program, the patient lost 55 lbs. in 40 days, is now off all medication, and has maintained his weight loss.