Michael Dority, D.C.

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As a chiropractic student at Palmer College, Dr. Dority studied D. D. Palmer’s theories on the causes of subluxations (the Three T’s: thoughts, trauma and toxins), and his instructors, Gaelen Price, D.C., and Virgil Strang, D.C., were also of great influence. Both expounded upon the link between emotions and physiology. After he graduated and began his practice, however, Dr. Dority found there was little conversation within the practitioner community on the interplay among emotions, subluxations and physiology. So years later when he saw a flyer on a NET seminar, it struck a familiar chord.

After his first NET seminar in 1996, Dr. Dority was enthusiastic about integrating the technique into his practice. This, however, did not go over well with all of his staff. Within the first week, two of his four staff members “walked out the door.” They thought Dr. Dority “had gone off the deep end” and, based on their religious beliefs, they feared he was “tapping into the spirit world,” and was being “guided by demons.” In spite of losing half of his staff, the practice prevailed with the support of his wife (who served as the office manager) and the remaining staff. Encouraging words from Dr. Scott Walker also helped to bolster him during that challenging time. The patients, meanwhile, embraced the new technique and were happy to have another tool available to improve their health and wellbeing. In fact, many patients now book extended appointments, just for NET treatments.

Dr. Dority has witnessed the way NET helps patients maximize their potential, be it professionally, academically or athletically. To illustrate this, he shares his experiences treating his daughter, who was a competitive gymnast in both high school and college. By nature his daughter is a perfectionist, and as a gymnast she was always striving for that perfect 10 (which was elusive for most of her gymnastic career). Dr. Dority began doing NET on her to assist with specific stress-related performance issues, such as the fear of falling off the balance beam, missing the high bar during a transition on the uneven bars, etc. NET helped her overcome fears and doubts, enabling her to consistently improve her performance. Her success in gymnastics earned her a full college scholarship. Throughout her college career, Dr. Dority continued to treat her, and in her senior year she achieved her goal: she scored two perfect 10s, making her a Big 12 Conference champion.

When looking at the current state of health care, Dr. Dority becomes very frustrated with the power and influence wielded by the pharmaceutical industry and the conventional medical system. He feels “The pharma industry, the AMA and the whole medical profession, are propagating a disease/sickness mentality.” Through advertising and the media, the public is persuaded to believe in the necessity of prescription meds and invasive procedures. Dr. Dority explains, “Every night on T.V. we see advertising for cholesterol-lowering drugs, Viagra, meds for COPD… yet it’s estimated that pharmaceutical drugs, unnecessary surgeries and medical interventions kill anywhere between 850,000 to 1.8 million people per year.”

Dr. Dority believes NET and natural health care research is vitally important in order to provide an alternative paradigm. He supports ONE’s research “because it validates what we know to be true.” The research provides credible evidence regarding the ways in which NET impacts physiology and the bodily systems. He believes that through the research, the powerful impact and benefits of NET and other natural health care modalities will become more widely known and accepted. He’d like to see more work done to promote both the technique and the results of ONE’s research in order to influence and enlighten the media, the healing arts community and patients around the world.