Melissa Carrick, D.C.

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As a second-generation chiropractor, Dr. Carrick embraced natural healthcare at an early age. Although she initially chose not to follow in her father’s chiropractic footsteps and pursued a M.A. in Theology, while in divinity school she realized her passion lay not only in working with the human spirit, but in treating the physical and emotional person as well. “I am really passionate about transforming peoples lives and NET really does transform lives. NET provides an access point to discuss what’s going on in patients’ lives and what shifts they can make to improve their wellbeing.”

When discussing patient care, she often describes the success of NET in treating anxiety and related health conditions. One patient came to Dr. Carrick due to knee pain and difficulty walking. During the course of care, it became apparent that anxiety was also taking its toll on her health; much of that stemmed from her fears of getting pregnant.

The pregnancy of her first child had been very difficult, so during her second pregnancy she was extremely anxious. She was terrified, didn’t feel well, on medication and struggled to get out of bed. Then when she miscarried well into the second trimester, she was devastated. Two years later, the thought of getting pregnant again triggered severe anxiety attacks.

Dr. Carrick began treating her with NET around the concept of being okay with getting pregnant and having a healthy pregnancy. Once pregnant, NET was used to support an active, medication-free pregnancy and natural birth. When the pregnancy caused a lot of nausea, Dr. Carrick did NET on both mother and baby in the womb. She treated the mother for an allergy to the baby, assisting her body to calm down and accept that all was going to be okay. The nausea subsided, the pregnancy went well and Dr. Carrick describes the infant as, “the poster child of a healthy, happy baby.” Moreover, the disposition of her patient dramatically improved. Now her outlook is full of hope, joy and confidence.

In spite of the great results witnessed by Dr. Carrick and other NET practitioners, she is aware techniques that treat emotions attract their fair share of critics. In her words, “We live in a world that wants facts, wants proof; it wants scientific validation. Scientific research puts natural healthcare and NET on the map and makes NET more accessible to those who may otherwise overlook or discount the technique. In response to the critics she says, “This isn’t New Age; this is new science.”

When it comes to supporting ONE, Dr. Carrick explains, “It never occurred to me not to support the Foundation. I want to put my money where my mouth is. The research is backing up what I do. It’s so exciting to see the results of the fMRIs – that the amygdala calms down [after NET treatments]; that we are literally rewiring the brain, improving how people can process and thrive in life. I support ONE because I want to support the transformation of the human life.”


Dr. Carrick received her Doctor of Chiropractic from Parker College of Chiropractic in Dallas, TX in December 2007 where she also received the James W. Parker Chiropractic Philosophy Award. After graduating from Parker, she went on to become certified as a health coach from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) in July 2009. Dr. Carrick’s mission in practice is to help people be more of who they really are and to do more of what they love.

Prior to her Chiropractic career Dr. Carrick received her Masters in Theology from Weston Jesuit School of Theology in Cambridge, MA (2003) and her Bachelor of Arts in English from Holy Cross University in Worcester, MA (1998).