Mark Force, D.C.

The Elements of Health
8711 E. Pinnacle Peak, Ste F-113
Scottsdale, AZ 85255

The work of Dr. Mark Force, as a diplomat in Applied Kinesiology, is grounded in the Triad of Health and its’ structural, bio-chemical and emotional components. However, he felt AK didn’t have the depth of tools needed to fully address the emotional side until he discovered NET. Dr. Force has been using NET since 1996.

Dr. Force has been particularly successful in using NET with the veteran population. For veterans with PTSD, he has found the technique to be effective in treating anxiety, depression, and compulsive thinking. NET has also enabled many vets to get off psychoactive medications. He also finds NET very effective when working with victims of sexual violence.

Dr. Force is a strong supporter of AK and NET research: “As practitioners we can’t just rely on anecdotal evidence. We need research to support what we observe in the clinical setting.” He explains, “Research is the currency by which we communicate with other professionals.” Dr. Force believes supporting research is the “professionally responsible and mature thing to do,” and this is why he supports ONE. “NET deserves quality research.”