Magaly Mauer, Ph.D.

Licensed Psychologist
1501 Venera Avenue, Park Place II, Suite 212
Coral Gables, FL 33146

Dr. Maggie began her professional career as a faculty member in the Dept. of Psychiatry at the University of Miami Medical School, conducting research in family therapy, supervising therapists in training, and doing clinical work. After a few years, Dr. Maggie realized her true calling was in caring for her clients in a private therapy setting. She left her academic career and dedicated herself to her private practice. She never looked back.

Her clients come to her for individual, couples, and family therapy. She specializes in trauma resolution, anxiety disorders, depression, and relationship issues. Dr. Maggie offers several techniques in her practice. She was introduced to NET through Dr. Larry Goodman around the year 2000 and found her 20 minutes of NET with him so powerful that she decided to attend the next available NET courses in Philadelphia and Miami.

When her clients find techniques such as NET too strange, Dr. Maggie’s response is, “That’s OK, the treatment will just take longer.” However, most of her clients come from word of mouth and are willing participants in using NET. She sees results in her clients everyday.

One woman, an attorney, came to Dr. Maggie because she was terrified of opening her own practice. After two or three NET sessions, the patient came back for her follow-up session, sat down, and with a radiant smile reported that she had signed a lease for her new office. She exuded confidence, because she now knew that she could do it. Another woman in a caring and otherwise healthy relationship could not have intercourse because of pelvic pain. Medical treatment had reached the end of what it could offer, with no results. However, after just two NET sessions the pain was gone.

Dr. Maggie donates to ONE because she believes that NET needs to be made accessible throughout the world. As a former researcher, she knows that it cannot happen without quality research.