Kelly Johnson, D.C.

Johnson Chiropractic Clinic
130 Sproule Road RR#7
Perth, ONT K7H 3C9

The motto at Dr. Johnson’s practice is, “Creating a happier, healthier world, starting with YOU,” and NET plays an important role in manifesting this for both her and her patients. On a personal level, the technique has enabled Dr. Johnson to work on many of her own issues. “I feel that I am a much better practitioner because of NET.” On a professional level, the technique has broadened the scope of her practice, improving her ability to provide patients with more complete care.

Dr. Johnson believes in NET and in its power to allow healing. She also believes research is vitally important to the recognition and acceptance of the technique. She’s very excited about the study soon to be published by Drs. Monti and Newberg and feels “it’s going to be huge,” and will put NET on the map. “Through the research more people learn about the technique and more patients are able to benefit from it.” She adds, “Spreading the knowledge of NET and what it can do is particularly important in a country like Canada, where there are not a lot of NET practitioners.”