Gerald L. Whalen, D.C.

Zionsville Holistic Chiropractic Center
1620 West Oaks Street #100
Zionsville, IN 46077

From the beginning of his practice, Dr. Jerry knew emotions were a factor in health and healing. Dr. Jerry’s first NET seminar was in 1991. He recognized NET would fit right into his practice and began to fully implement it into after the second seminar in 1992.

Dr. Jerry has had a chiropractic practice for 33 years. His mission statement is “to provide a healing service that releases interferences to life expression in all dimensions of the human capacity – revealing the full unhindered expression of life.”

Dr. Jerry draws a range of patients, from those with chronic health problems to those desiring a healthy lifestyle. They come to him to restore their health and make sense of all the conflicting health information found in the media and Internet. Acting as their coach, Dr. Jerry helps his patients assimilate all aspects of their well-being, and NET is a big pact of that process.

Some years ago, a female patient was ready to start a family, but was having difficulties. Her lack of confidence in her ability to be a good mother, coupled with a difficult relationship history with her own mother, was holding her back. NET cleared out those issues, and today she is the mother of two daughters.

Recently six practice members and Dr. Jerry teamed together in doing a 21-day cleanse. The health benefits were profound for everyone in the office. Dr. Jerry posted the weekly progress of the participants in his reception area, on his website, and on Facebook. Three practice members successfully participated in a second 21-day cleanse process.

Dr. Jerry supports The ONE Research Foundation because he says we must document the impact of NET on people’s lives.