George Gonzalez, DC, QN

Founder of Quantum Neurology®
Nervous System Rehabilitation
Author of the Holographic Healing® Series
PO Box 480197
Los Angeles, CA, 90048

Dr. Gonzalez is a big fan of The ONE Research Foundation and a firm supporter of NET. He believes, “As natural healers we need to support ONE,” because “the Foundation’s research lays the groundwork for the future of alternative healthcare and non-chemical care strategies.”

Dr. Gonzalez was introduced to NET as a student in chiropractic school and immediately realized the power of the technique; “Until you experience this style of nervous system rehabilitation, it can be hard to explain. It’s as if a burden has been lifted off your shoulders that you never knew existed.” As described by Dr. Gonzalez, “The beauty of NET is its ability to shift our nervous system in such a way that it translates throughout all levels of our nervous system, not just the intellectual process of our emotions.”

Dr. Gonzalez has seen the powerful impact NET has had on patients, family and friends. He can attest to the effectiveness of NET in treating physical pain, emotional pain and detox issues. On a personal level, he has benefited tremendously from the technique. NET has enabled him to become free from “the mental restrictions of getting things accomplished,” allowing him to move forward in life, career, health and in his relationships with others. Through NET he has realized a more profound ability to connect to his own emotional process. He is better able to process emotions versus “getting stuck swimming in the emotional drama of an issue.” He is able to step back and observe his emotions and how his body reacts. For example, when he and his daughter struggle over an issue, Dr. Gonzalez performs NET on himself, which enables him to modify the way he carries himself. Once his body language changes, he sees an immediate shift in the dynamic between he and his daughter. And the change in the dynamic occurs without anything having been said or discussed.

Dr. Gonzalez believes the future is research. “ONE is contributing to research in areas of healthcare that are otherwise not funded. Most research is focused on chemical care, so NET and non-chemical care modalities are overlooked or forgotten.” He believes Dr. Scott Walker was very wise to establish The ONE Research Foundation almost 20 years ago; “It has laid the groundwork for research not only on N.E.T, but also for my technique, Quantum Neurology, and other techniques such a muscle testing.” Dr. Gonzalez believes ONE provides a “very strong platform for natural healing and is getting the healing arts out there in a professional way that is scientifically proven.”