Gale C. Keppel, D.C.

Chiropractic Nutrition
3432 Woodhaven Trail
Kokomo, IN 49602

A chiropractor since 1986, Dr. Keppel was part of the first NET certification class in 1999.  Her first patient was her husband, an employee at UPS.  His doctors documented a high level of liver enzymes.  After his NET session with Dr. Keppel, the same doctors reported that his liver enzyme level was normal.  It has remained so to this day.  Although Dr. Keppel is semi-retired, patients still seek her out to assist with relationship issues between spouses and partners, parents and children, and mothers and their babies.  Through her long practice with NET, Dr. Keppel knows she has saved many families.  She supports ONE because NET is the most powerful, unique technique she has ever been exposed to, and she wants it to be available to the world.  “Creditable evidence is necessary in order for NET to be considered legitimate,” says Dr. Keppel.