Frank Segreto, D.C.

Director, Trinity Health Center, LLC
882 Bay Avenue
Toms River, NJ 08753

Dr. Segreto holds the distinction of becoming the first doctor in New Jersey to become certified in NET, and the only doctor in New Jersey to be trained in NMT, NAET and BRT.  The power of NET became apparent when he returned home from his first NET Basics seminar.  His son was throwing a temper tantrum, frustrated in his inability to do his homework.  Dr. Segreto sat him down and did the 15-step NET procedure.  Two weeks later, his son voluntarily came to him and said, “I don’t know what you did, but I like doing my homework.”  It was a turning point and Dr. Segreto never looked back.  His patients now come to see him just because “something is a little off.”  Dr. Segreto is a long-time supporter of ONE because “there are many techniques out there but only NET has published scientific validation.”

In the words of a few of Dr. Segreto’s patients:

“I feel better, I have more energy, and all of the old aches and pains don’t exist anymore.  What’s even better is that every aspect of my life has improved, including relationships with my family and friends.  Nothing else that I have done for my health compares with NET.  I stand taller, I talk clearer, and I walk with a purpose.  NET has had a profound effect on my life.” -Carol Ciallella, Beachwood, NJ

“I had episodes of sudden, severe stomach pain that sent me into the fetal position. Through NET, the problem is totally gone. The quality of my life has dramatically improved: no more fear of sudden pain.  If I didn’t have NET, I probably would have had to have surgery and/or drugs for the pain.  I have so much faith in Trinity Health Center and their staff.  I bring my children here for their health concerns.”  -Karen English, Toms River, NJ

“NET has changed my life; given my life back is more like it!  The chronic pain in my back is gone.  Dr. Segreto is amazing, a gift to all who know him.  He is always learning new things to help us have the kind of life we deserve.”  -Jill Salicos, Whiting, NJ