Emma Marci, D.C.

EEM Chiropractic
27 Denison St.
Bondi Junction, 2022

While Applied Kinesiology incorporates structural, emotional and chemical paradigms, during the early years of her practice Dr. Emma Macri found AK’s approach to the emotional element to be lacking. In the mid 90’s she took a NET course with Dr. Scott Walker and she instinctually knew, “This is it – NET is it” She became certified in 2010.

In her practice Dr. Emma was already using Body Talk and Manual Muscle Testing; NET was a natural progression. Through certification and her participation in Home Run Practice, she was able to “really clean up her technique”, which she sees the value of as she processes “better NEC’s”.

Dr. Emma recalls a patient she was treating for back issues, but who had asked if Dr. Emma could address an emotional issue with NET. The patient was suffering from obsessive and fixated thinking. Her own efforts to manage her thought process had been unsuccessful. Through NET Dr. Emma was able to relieve her patient of the obsessive thought patterns, and help her achieve better emotional health. In the words of Dr. Emma, “After the NET treatments we saw a huge shift.”

Dr. Emma can list many reasons as to why she supports ONE. Overall, she supports the Foundation’s principals. She believes ONE is producing “cutting edge” research, and in her words, “All of this research validates what I’m doing.” Dr. Emma believes the new research study is going to be groundbreaking and describes ONE as being “ahead of its time”.