Dr. Ray H. Gin

23232 Peralta Drive, Suite 205
Laguna Hills, CA92653

A former noted research molecular biologist, Dr. Gin has been in private chiropractic practice for more than 14 years.  His approach with all of his patients for regaining and maintaining health is to address four issue areas: emotions, nutrition, toxicity, and physical structure.  Beginning in 1992, he completed all of the NET courses under Dr. Scott Walker while attending Southern California University of Health Sciences.  Ever the scientific cynic, Dr. Gin did not practice NET until eight years after graduating—on a first date.  His date told him about a constant pain she experienced; he whipped out his NET Reference Card from his wallet, and five minutes later the pain went away.  Dr. Gin resumed his NET training, and for the last five years has been a certified NET practitioner.  (No, that date didn’t last, but 86% of his practice consists of women!)