Dr. Natalie Massé, D.C.

Clinique Chiropratique aux 4 Vents
176 Rue St-Gerard
St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QC J2W 1S5
(450) 349-5476

In 1996, Dr. Natalie Massé was at a chiropractic seminar hosted by Parker University. She had a list of speakers she had wanted to attend, but when she arrived, she found out that most of them were no longer on the schedule. Instead, attended a NET Basic seminar presented by Dr. Scott Walker. It was synchronicity; in this seminar Dr. Massé realized NET was for her. She began her training in NET and became certified in the technique in 1999.

Dr. Massé has practiced NET on diverse groups of patients, both adults and children. She has used the technique to treat a variety of issues including: depression, “burn out”, food intolerances, ADHD and in assisting children struggling with school-related issues, to name just a few. She has witnessed the difference NET has made in the emotional lives of her patients, and the way in which they have become more ease.

Dr. Massé believes NET has assisted in her personal evolution. Through NET she has been able to avoid “burn out” in the work place, find balance and grow on a personal level. She finds that the more NET is done on her, the better able she is to help her patients.

Dr. Massé supports The ONE Research Foundation because chiropractors and other health practitioners need to use techniques that are validated. ONE’s research provides that validation. When working with patients, Dr. Massé uses ONE’s research to present the rationale behind the technique. “If we want to bring NET to the world, we need to substantiate the technique.”