Donna Skerry, R.N., D.C.

6600 Roosevelt Blvd.
Philadelphia, PA 19149-7612

Dr. Donna Skerry’s healing technique combines chiropractic, nutrition, and neuro-emotional therapy. She believes in healing with nutrition, whole foods, and herbal supplements. Her approach has been effective in reducing weight, and in treating ADHD, autism, and addiction. She has the greatest respect for NET because it has been very helpful in releasing the trauma that afflicts her patients.

Dr. Skerry is a passionate national speaker on the topic of gluten-free living. She has found that gluten can be the cause of depression, weight gain, fatigue, and dental problems, just to name a few. Next year, Dr. Skeery will be taking her message internationally. In Afghanistan, she will be teaching women and children about better nutrition and preventive medicine.