Debbie O'Reilly, D.C., Dipl.Ac

Vibrant Energy Healing Center
7058 West Elmhurst Avenue
Littleton, CO 80128

For 10 years, Dr. Debbie was a medical technologist until she came to that first fork in the road, absorbing a lecture on nutrition given by a chiropractor. The concept of a healthy life journey without drugs or surgery became her calling. Graduating with honors from National College of Chiropractic in Lombard, IL in 1993, she began her practice in 1994.

The second fork in the road presented itself when, one day, Dr. Debbie could not adjust a cervical spine. She went to a colleague, Dr. Justine Anderson, for help. Dr. Justine performed NET on her and found that fear of success was the blockage. Soon thereafter, Dr. Debbie attended a seminar with Dr. Scott Walker and “it really changed my life.”

Because of her love of animals, Dr. Debbie became certified in animal chiropractic (working on dogs, cats, and horses) and has combined that certification with NET with amazing results, as the following two stories demonstrate:

When a German shepherd drank anti-freeze, Dr. O’Reilly performed NET to rid his anxiety attacks and provided emotional clearing; the results were immediate. The owner declared, “I am going to send my husband to you.” That one dog provided 13 referrals for Dr. Debbie.

A mare watched as her filly was gored to death by an elk. This mare went from docile to violent and mean. Dr. O’Reilly performed NET on the mare and along with the help of ER911, the mare cleared the emotional block, and as the owner later related, “You gave me my horse back.”

Dr. Debbie donates to The ONE Research Foundation because “NET works and benefits so many.” In order to practice NET in Colorado, the technique must be based on peer-reviewed research. Dr. Debbie had to testify in court on two different cases for her patients relating to NET. By having the many peer-reviewed research papers from The ONE Research Foundation, both cases were won.