Cathy Goldstein, AP

Integrative Health and Allergy Center
11512 Lake Mead Ave., Suite 605
Jacksonville, FL 32256

While in her mid-20’s Cathy was finishing up her pre-med classes and on her way to a medical career, when she became very sick. She was hospitalized for months and underwent multiple surgeries for Crohn’s Disease. This experience led her to a paradigm shift, – she enrolled in acupuncture school. Her goal was to find a better solution not only for herself, but for others who were also suffering and exposed to drugs and surgeries that were unnecessary.

A couple years after she graduated from acupuncture school a friend introduced her to NET. Once the technique was demonstrated to her, she was immediately intrigued. Shortly thereafter she enrolled in her first NET class and never looked back.

For Cathy the value of incorporating NET into her practice is undeniable. “Acupuncture is great, and it deals with emotions, but it’s a process and it takes time.” NET is different in that it changes physiology in a moment. Patients get better faster; they experience great results. “NET allows them to become who they are and enables them to overcome barriers that would otherwise be very challenging to address.”

Cathy had a patient who had gone to the Bahamas with a friend, and both got food poisoning. When they returned home, her friend recovered, but she did not. By the time she came to Cathy months later, she had been in and out of the hospital and “was just barely surviving.” After the initial intake, and muscle testing Cathy determined her patient had a parasite, which she was able to treat, but through NET a significant NEC was identified.

When her patient was around six years old, her mother passed away. On a subconscious level, her patient internalized that this would be her fate too. A few months after going to Cathy for care, her patient turned 26 (the same age her mother was when she died) and subconsciously “she had been doing everything she could to kill herself.” Through NET the patient was able to make the connection between her childhood experience and her current condition. Through treatment she had an amazing recovery, and has since led a happy, healthy and successful life. As Cathy describes, “NET saved her life.”

Cathy values clinically based research but, “If we want acceptance in our allopathic-driven society then we need hard science.” Having hard clinical proof on why and how NET works is instrumental in gaining acceptance in the broader world. Through research we can gain acceptance and bring NET to a much larger audience.

“The research conducted by the ONE Foundation is so solid, is so indisputable – I think it provides the best opportunity to really move holistic medicine to a whole different level. The type of research done by ONE is beneficial to all holistic medicine.”