Bill Stathoulis, B.Sc, M.Chiro

Suite 405, 90 Mount Street
North Sydney, NSW 2060
(02) 9956 5511

Dr. Bill’s first experience treating a patient with NET was quite amazing and produced incredible results. Eight months after receiving his chiropractic degree he attended his first NET seminar and returned to the practice where he was working as an associate quite excited. That first week back, the principal chiropractor was treating a patient with a pituitary tumor and asked Dr. Bill to do NET on her. The patient had already had an MRI and was scheduled for an operation the following month.

During the NET treatment the patient’s issue surfaced: she was being forced into an arranged marriage, which was causing her great emotional distress. Dr. Bill did NET on her pituitary meridian point and cleared the charge. With the charge cleared, the patient felt able to address the issue and share her feelings with her family. After their conversation, her family decided to cancel the engagement, relieving her of much stress and pressure. A month later, when she went for her operation, there was no tumor; it was gone.

Dr. Bill feels NET has revolutionized his practice. “I’ve seen things heal and transform that I never thought were possible.” He loves going to work everyday because he is really making a difference. And his patients love coming into the practice because they are getting their NEC’s cleared, which improves their health and overall wellbeing.

Dr. Bill sees that the world of natural healthcare is changing and the “currency of communication” is now research. “For us to further our profession, or to even have the freedom to do what we do, we are going to have to have valid research. Research is not only vital to the future of our profession, it also protects us.” Furthermore, “It gives us a better understanding of exactly what we do and why we do it.”

Dr. Bill values the work of the ONE Foundation. He believes the Foundation is producing great high quality, relevant research. “ONE’s research validates and protects my work and contributes to the advancement of my profession. I encourage everyone to support the Foundation because ONE’s work supports us, the practitioners.”

Dr. Bill Stathoulis received his chiropractic degree from Macquarie University in 1993. He began his NET training also in 1993 and became certified in 2002. Dr. Bill is a Certified Level II NET Practitioner.