Akemi Borjas de Korahais, D.O.M.

Painless Acupuncture Center
5127 NW 39th Ave.
Gainesville, FL 32606
(352) 327-4023

Dr. Akemi came to NET initially as a patient. Her chiropractor included NET in her treatment and she found the results to be amazing and powerful. When she later learned acupuncturists can, and do practice the technique, she began to pursue her goal of becoming a certified NET practitioner. In her words “I wanted to be really confident, comfortable and competent in the technique, so I could improve the outcomes for my patients.”

NET is a dominant element in Dr. Akemi’s practice; she uses it at least 20x’s/day. Her patients respond well not only to the technique, but to its diagnostic technology. Before she was trained in NET, Dr. Akemi was becoming frustrated because she wasn’t always getting the results she wanted with her patients and wasn’t able to track their outcomes the way she desired. The training she received during the certification process significantly improved her ability to track patients’ issues and progress.

On a personal level, Dr. Akemi has a deep connection to NET. As a cancer survivor, she experienced PTSD after her diagnosis and treatment. Through NET she was able to overcome the PTSD symptoms and associated adrenal issues. She credits the technique for not only improving her health and wellbeing, but for enabling her to become a better physician, wife, and boss. “NET helps people to become their best self.”

In her practice, Dr. Akemi has used NET to successfully treat patients suffering from a variety of conditions. She describes one patient, a 29 year old woman who had been struggling with a sever acne condition for years. The acne dominated her life. She had become very obsessive about it and due to the condition was beginning to isolate herself. She had tried a variety of treatments, but nothing seemed to help. Dr. Akemi included NET in her treatment, which helped her patient to identify her emotional state, see herself more clearly and gain an improved sense of self. Although her acne has not yet been completely alleviated, her patient reports a definite sense that a burden has been lifted from her shoulders. Both Dr. Akemi and her patient can clearly see “the shift”.

Dr. Akemi supports the ONE Research Foundation because she believes in the power of the technique and it’s ability to help humanity. She believes scientific research is crucial for NET to gain acceptance both within the patient community and among other practitioners. “We all know NET works, but with research validating it, we will be able to take it further. The more research we get out, the more we are able to speak to, and reach practitioners working in a variety of fields.” She adds, “Wouldn’t it be amazing if rheumatologists were practicing NET with patients in chronic pain? Those doctors need to be reached through the research.” Dr. Akemi believes it’s through research that we learn the extent of what NET does and is capable of doing. The more we learn, the better able we are to target more conditions.