Dr Daniel Monti
Dr. Daniel Monti is senior Vice President at Thomas Jefferson University, and Director of the Marcus Institute of Integrative Health at Jefferson. Under his leadership, Integrative Medicine at Jefferson has more than tripled its clinical and wellness operations.  Dr. Monti’s expertise includes the role of natural molecules and lifestyle on health outcomes, cancer survivorship, and the development of novel clinical and research models.  He has numerous scholarly publications, and has been a peer reviewer for various medical journals, as well as study sections at the National Institute of Health and the Department of Defense. Dr. Monti co-authored the popular press book The Great Life Makeover, and co-edited the book Integrative Psychology.  His work reflects a deep commitment to integrative medicine and its capacity to help humankind experience and enjoy better health.

Dr Andrew Newberg
Dr. Andrew Newberg is the Director of Research at the Marcus Institute of Integrative
Health at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital. He is also a Professor in the
departments of Emergency Medicine and Radiology at Thomas Jefferson University.
Dr. Newberg has dedicated his career to researching the brain and how it functions. He has actively pursued neuroimaging research projects, including studies on aging, dementia, epilepsy, and other neurological and psychiatric disorders.  His research has also included understanding the physiological processes involved in acupuncture, massage and other types of integrative therapies. Dr. Newberg has a particular interest in the study of the brain during religious, meditation and spiritual experiences, and the relationship between the brain, religion and health. He has published over 200 articles and chapters on brain function and brain imaging. Additionally, Dr. Newberg has authored several books regarding the brain. He has presented his work worldwide, at scientific meetings, and has also appeared on CNN, ABC’s World News Tonight, Good Morning America, Nightline, and CNN. In addition to abundant publication in scientific journals, his research has also appeared in Newsweek, Time, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, Scientific American, and National Geographic.

Dr. Anna Tobia
Anna Tobia completed her doctoral degree in clinical psychology from Saint Louis University in 2000. She completed a pre and post-doctoral residency in clinical and Heath psychology at the University of Florida Health Science Center.  Dr. Tobia has been licensed as a clinical psychologist in Pennsylvania since 2002.  In addition to several other trainings and certifications, she is a certified NET practitioner. 

Most of Dr. Tobia's time is spent in her active clinical practice at the Jefferson-Myrna Brind Center of Integrative Medicine, where she helps children and adults who struggle with a range of anxiety disorders, such as panic disorder, PTSD, and OCD.  Dr. Tobia also helps patients experiencing depression, problems with attention and concentration, as well as eating disorders.  Dr. Tobia has a particular specialty in helping people cope with the stress associated with medical illness. She was the primary practitioner in the 2016 study on Neuro Emotional technique  and the effect on brain physiology. 

Dr. Tobia has contributed to two books: Integrative Medicine for Children, and Integrative Psychology, and an article on Neuro-Emotional Technique and the effect on Brain Physiology. 

Dr. Marie Stoner 

Marie Stoner has over 30 years in practice as a clinical psychologist. Her work has centered around the mind/body connection, including hypnosis, biofeedback, and health psychology. Moreover, Ms. Stoner has been actively involved as an educator and an lecturer throughout her career, including a position in the psychology training section of Philadelphia State Hospital, a biofeedback training program, and an adjunct professor in a Psy. D program. She has had numerous public speaking engagements regarding stress and biofeedback. Ms. Stoner is currently an expert consultant at the Myrna Brind Center for Integrative Medicine at the Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, on the team researching the psychophysiology of stress. She is also the innovative co-founder and director of programming of Act!vate Brain and Body, inc - a fitness facility that emphasizes physical and cognitive reserve through Integrative brain and body workouts.